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An UnCommon Approach

Our goal is to help you find what makes you UnCommon--and craft the stories that make you shine in the college admissions process.


With our online workshops and one-on-one coaching, you’ll come away with applications you feel proud of.


Meet Your Coaches

Sarah Walker and Caitlin Palmer are Austin-based writing and college application coaches with over 30 years of experience coaching writers through the college admissions process. They have coached hundreds of students through the application process, many of whom have been admitted to the most selective universities in the country.


Sarah and Caitlin are experts in teaching students how to craft applications and essays that not only stand out to application committees but that students feel proud of. They have been recognized locally and nationally as outstanding writing teachers.


Sarah and Caitlin's superior communication skills and emotional intelligence make their sessions with students productive, engaging, and memorable, and the skills they teach transfer to a wide variety of contexts beyond the application process.


When she is not teaching and coaching…

  • Sarah is probably writing on a new song, digging in her garden, or out country dancing.

  • Caitlin is probably cooking, walking around Lady Bird Lake, or singing in a Paul Simon cover band.

What We Do

  • We guide you through the application process toward error-free, polished college applications and essays, including resume s and personal statements.​

  • We offer conferences and thorough feedback aimed to grow you as a writer by focusing on ideas, style, structure, and mechanics.

What We Don't Do

  • We don't fill out the application or write the essay for you.

  • We'll push you as a writer to do the work in a meaningful and engaging way, but you are at the helm of your writing process and college future.

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